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Module Variations

There are 10 stylistic module class suffixes which provide a unique style variation to the module: title1-4 and box1-6. The title suffixes can be combined with rt-title-arrow suffix; and the box suffixes can be combined with rt-bevel suffix. There are also rt-basic and rt-shadow suffixes; and various additional structural suffixes, these affect the layout and metrics of the module.

Furthermore, you can also add FontAwesome icons into the Module Class Suffix. You will get a medium sized icon to the left of the title. Suffixes are in the icon-NAME format such as icon-star, as shown on the Typography page.

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With its vision to promote and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of IIT Delhi and beyond, eDC IIT Delhi is planning to build a complete Resource Centre for start-ups to evolve and expand, and in the process helping them to connect with incubators, investors and mentors. Kindly fill up the form below so that we can know about your start-up, and devise measures for assisting you in the same.

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How To Deliver a ‘Killer’ Pitch – A workshop conducted by T-Labs


-Supratim Das

“Advertisers do not sell you a product, they sell you a life, which they promise that you will have, when of course you buy that product”

The 28th of February, 2014 saw T-Labs visit IIT Delhi, to conduct a workshop on ‘How To Deliver a Killer Pitch’ as part of E-Summit ’14, organized by eDC IIT Delhi. The presenter, Mr. Abhimanyu Godara, who had also agreed to be a part of the judging panel for the Grand Finale of Vishishth ’14 (Technical Sector), held later on in the day. So, many glances were exchanged among the participants when, after his presentation he inquired about which of the participants thought that their prepared pitch needed to be changed based on the rules that he had talked about – the same people who were going to present their ‘imperfect’ pitch to him during the Vishishth Grand Finale.

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